Resources: Conserve vs. Deploy

German Approach
Germans are economical in their handling of resources. Suboptimal decisions require modification, which in turn depletes resources.

American Approach
Due to their abundant resources, Americans value rapid resource aggregation – not conservation – and deployment of resources in order to quickly take advantage of opportunities.

German perception
Germans see Americans as wasteful, which not only limits the decision making autonomy of a particular team, but also of the company in general.

American perception
The German need to plan their resources in great detail appears to Americans as too conservative.

Advice to Germans
Continue to be wary of rash decisions which will limit your room to maneuver. At the same time, use those resources available to you in order to take advantage of an opportunity. Decisions often offer real opportunities.

Advice to Americans
When involved in a joint decision, or in a recurring decision, enter into a dialogue with your German colleagues about the resources required. Be direct and specific in discussing exactly which resources will be tapped into by whom, when and at what costs. Listen carefully to how they quantify the impact of a given decision on your organzations resources. Communicate your calculation clearly, also. You will arrive at a resource-allocation acceptable to both.

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