Cultural differences are the primary reason why cross-border combinations – mergers, acquisitions, joint-ventures, reorganisations – either underperform or fail.

However, the experts never spell out what they mean by culture. In the US-Germany space culture99 does precisely that. Both in depth and in breadth.

Ten videos. Five mins. About the ten topics on culture99.

Below are ten stories. In the ten foundational areas addressed on culture99. About what happens when Americans and Germans don’t understand each other.

CommunicationHans in Chicago
How a nice German can make enemies of his American direct reports.

AgreementsWhat a shame
Steven in Atlanta and Anna in Stuttgart simply couldn’t come to an agreement.

PersuasionGame Day 
Mark and his US-team got their heads handed to them in Germany.

Decision Making“It’s only a car!”
Colleagues fight about how to make decisions, then laugh about it.

LeadershipJob Swap
Luke to Germany. Theo to the US. Lots of bumps on the road, but it worked !

Feedback“I’m fired.”
Aaron is first-rate. His German boss, Martin, agrees. So what went wrong?

ConflictUp. Over. Down.
Germans keep the “ball flat.” Americans escalate, and quickly. Oh no !

ProductRoger and Carl surprised
And their teams were surprised, too. They were at war. A cold war.

ProcessQuotes about Process
Oh, how sinfully fun it is to read what we say about each other.

Customer“You got it wrong.”
An American consultant puts his German client in his place. Bravo !