Collaboration Workshops

The client identified the key success factors which are based on cross-border collaboration. I then completed the Collaboration Overview, to get a sense for the current state of cross-border collaboration, and to recommend measures to ensure successful collaboration

Step 1 – Background Interviews
For each Collaboration Workshop I interview key team members. The interview duration is approx. one hour. Second interviews may be necessary. The interviews have the following goals: Help me to understand the subject matter. Identify the barriers to better cross-border collaboration. Gain a sense for the interactions between the colleagues.

Step 2 – Analysis & Design
I analyze the situation, formulate the critical questions, create a workshop design. I focus on pinpointing the organizational-cultural differences influencing cross-border collaboration.

The workshop design consists of: Which questions will be addressed, in what sequence, using what kinds of exercizes, who should participate. I present the results of my analysis and the workshop design to the client. The client provides input. I modify the workshop design accordingly.

Step 3 – Workshop Execution
I then execute the workshop as agreed to with the client. I lead the participants to agreement on an integrated approach. At the end of the workshop participants present the results to the client. Collaboration Workshops typically have a duration of two days, with six to eight participants, and take place off-site.