Collabortion Overview

There are five steps:

Step 1 – Identify Interviewees
Management identifies colleagues to be interviewed by me. They are the key interfaces between the international locations. They work in those areas critical to the success of the company. They know the current state of collaboration.

Step 2 – Conduct Interviews
I conduct the interviews face-to-face or by telephone. Their duration is between sixty and ninety minutes. Follow-up interviews may be necessary. My questions focus exclusively on cross-border collaboration. The source of all individual responses remains anonymous.

Step 3 – Analyze Input
I then analyze the input provided in the interviews. I identify where cross-border collaboration can and must be improved. The focus is exclusively on underlying organizational-cultural drivers.

Step 4 – Present Recommendations
I present my results to management: Where is cross-border collaboration critical to success? Are there opportunities for improvement? What are their underlying drivers? How can the opportunities be realized? Management knows their business. I know cross-border collaboration. They discuss his analysis and recommendations.

Step 5 – Execute Recommendations
Management decides which measure should be taken. I then execute those measures.