Bestandsaufnahme Method

There are three steps:

You identify colleagues to be interviewed by me. They are the key interfaces, who work in areas critical to success, and know the current state of collaboration.

1 – Conduct Interviews
I conduct the interviews face-to-face or by telephone. Their duration is approximately sixty minutes. Follow-up interviews may be necessary. The conversation is about cross-border collaboration. The source of individual responses remains anonymous. In preparation the interviewees respond to Three Questions.

2 – Analyze Input
I then analyze the input and formulate recommendations. I identify where collaboration can and must be improved. I listen carefully for nuanced statements about cultural differences.

3 – Present Recommendations
I present my analysis and recommendations to you: Where is collaboration critical to success? What are the underlying cultural drivers? Are there opportunities for improvement? We discuss my analysis and recommendations.

You decide which recommendations are worthy. I execute.