Four Questions

Four questions in one video and one minute.

Take a piece of printer paper. Un­lined. Fold it in half. Twice. Unfold it. You have quadrants. Turn the paper sideways to the land­scape po­si­tion. Now use a pen­cil and an eraser.

1 – Baseline
First, what is your baseline number? In the top-left qua­drant write that num­ber. It could be a hard number: rev­enue, profit, cost. Or a soft number: speed, quality, response time. Perhaps it is an investment: m&a, private equity, joint-venture, corporate reorganization, an important special project.

2 – Factors
Second, what are the key success factors? In the bot­tom-left quad­rant list max. five fac­tors. These are the things which your or­ga­ni­za­tion must do well in order to meet the baseline num­ber you penciled into the top-left quandrant.

3 – Collaboration
Third, which factors are dependent on collaboration? In the top-right quadrant list those key suc­cess fac­tors which are driven by cross-border collaboration. Then sketch out per factor and on a separate piece of paper: who working with whom, on what, when, why, and most importantly how.

4 – Support
Fourth, how is your company supporting that collaboration? In the bot­tom-right qua­drant write down the actions your or­ga­ni­za­tion is taking in order to ensure that colleagues working cross-border understand intercultural differences, so that their collaboration succeeds.