Four Questions Method

When engaging John Magee the first step is to address Four Questions:

1. What is your target number?
2. Which key success factors contribute to that target number?
3. To what degree are those factors based on cross-border collaboration?
4. How will your organization ensure successful cross-border collaboration?

Question 1 – Target Number
First, define the target number as 100. Then enter that target number number into your spreadsheet as $ or €. You define what target number means. Your organization has identified and quantified its goals. Choose an important one.

Question 2 – Key Success Factors
Second, list the five most important factors which determine success. These are the things which the organization must do well in order to achieve the target number. Assign a % to each success factor. The total may not exceed 100%.

Then multiply each % by the target number. This gives you a $ or € number for each individual success factor. In other words, you have quantified each success factor’s contribution to the target number.

Question 3 – Cross-Border Collaboration
Third, estimate to what degree each of those success factors is based on effective cross-border collaboration.

Assign a % to each success factor. The total may exceed 100% since you are estimating for each respective factor independent of each other. Some success factors may be more dependent on cross-border collaboration than others.

Then multiply each % by that success factor’s contribution to the target number, as quantified in Step 2. This gives you a $ or € number for the degree to which each individual success factor is dependent on cross-border collaboration.

Question 4 – Measures Taken
Fourth, write down what measures the organization is taking in order to ensure successful cross-border collaboration in the areas of those key success factors.