Return on Investment

Together the client and John Magee develop measures for return on investment:

ROI – Collaboration Overview
Did the Collaboration Overview refine the client’s understanding about how their success is based on cross-border collaboration? What is the level of confidence among the interviewees in the value of Magee’s support? To what degree is management persuaded by his recommendations for ensuring successful cross-border collaboration?

ROI – Collaboration Workshops
Were the individual Collaboration Workshops effective? Did they lead to agreement among management and subject area experts, about how the work will be done, in areas defined by the client as key success factors: Number of critical topics addressed, depth of detail reached, level of commitment made?

ROI – Collaboration Dialogue
Are cross-border colleagues engaging in Collaboration Dialogue via How many of them are using CI? What is the extent of their usage? Are colleagues participating via comments and discussions? Are they encouraging additional colleagues to join in? What feedback do they provide when asked in a formal way?

Because all clients are unique, the nature of their cross-border collaboration is unique. So, too, are the measures each individual client and John Magee jointly construct.