I support cross-border collaboration. In three ways: Identify where collaboration must succeed. Clarify how colleagues best collaborate. Sustain their dialogue about collaboration.

Collaboration OverviewIdentify
I will conduct a series of discreet background interviews. With key people. At key international locations. The collaboration overview has two goals. First, to help me to get a sense for the current state of cross-border collaboration. And second, to enable me to recommend measures to improve that collaboration. Method

Collaboration WorkshopsClarify
Cross-border collaboration is about how the work is done. These are the critical tasks which the organization must perform well. In carefully prepared workshops, I will guide management and subject area experts, to an integrated approach. About how they will collaborate. In the areas of the key success factors. As identified by the client. And refined by me via the collaboration overview. Method

Collaboration DialogueSustain
Successful cross-border collaboration requires on-going dialogue. Not only about how the work is done. But also about the thinking behind how the work is done. CI – – is a platform for sustained dialogue. About the influence of country culture on collaboration. Currently, CI addresses Germany and USA. Access is for free.


In his book – Verstehen sich Deutsche und Amerikaner Do Germans and Americans understand each other – John Magee describes how a fictitious cross-border merger – USA and Germany – which initially went wrong, can be turned around.