Seminars Method


I have ten core topics. See Differences in the main navigation. Jointly we define which topics will be addressed, their duration, who participates. I execute seminars in English and in German. The client decides on the seminar location.


Strength in Differences
The collaboration between Americans and Germans is about synergy. It is about combining the inherent strengths of two of the leading cultures in today‘s global economy. Combining strengths based on cultural differences is not a paradox.

The great potential lies in people. Seminar participants are Americans and Germans whose success depends on their ability to work together. They are colleagues who communicate constantly, work along common processes, make joint decisions, develop common products and services, serve the same internal and external customers.

Person. Profession. Culture.
Collaboration operates on three levels: personal, professional, cultural. The personal level is about psychology. I am not a psychologist. I do not address the human psyche. The professional level is about the very substance of the work. I am not a business consultant. I offer neither technical nor commercial advice. The cultural level is about the thinking behind the action. It is about approaches, methods, logics, traditions, ways of doing things. Therein lies my expertise. I make the differences in thinking and acting transparent, understandable, workable.

A Third Explanation
Collaboration is more complex than expected. It often leads to frustration and impatience. Colleagues search for explanations, for causes of the problems, which they conveniently find on the respective other side of the Atlantic. The „other side“ is either incapable or unwilling. But seldom do they consider a third explanation. The „other side“ is both capable and willing. They simply have a different approach. And what‘s more, their way also leads to success. Discovering that third explanation – a different approach based on national culture – opens the door to true collaboration.


Participants become members to, a subscription-based resource offering access to my comprehensive content on intercultural differences between Americans and Germans. Participants respond to Surveys and Case Studies on the topics to be addressed in the seminar, engage with me and other CI-members via Ask CI, read Stories.

Each seminar module is a structured discussion focused on participant experiences, questions and critical situations. I respond and explain with the help of talking points and white papers. Central to all discussion are three questions: Where do we differ in our national cultural approaches? What problems – and opportunities – are created by these differences? How do we minimize the problems while exploiting the opportunities?

As members to CI seminar participants deepen and sustain their understanding of cultural differences. They continue their dialogue with colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic. And, participants apply what they have learned to their everyday work, using exercises such as Team Talks und Team Rules.