Your return on investment is at risk, if you do not address culture in both the M&A process and in post-merger integration. The value of our support is in reducing that risk.

About your return on investment in one video and one and a half minutes.

Four Questions
The following exercise, with four straightforward questions, is our starting point. It sets us on the path to identifying, quantifying, and addressing your risk. We will work closely with your organization in responding to Questions 3 and 4. Go to the Four Questions

Cost of Cultural Misunderstanding
Let’s return to our ten stories under Risk and look at the cost of cultural misunderstanding. If you only have time for one story, see Roger and Carl surprised below in bold.

Communication – Hans in Chicago – Act 10
Agreements – What a shameAct 9
Persuasion – Game DayAct 7
Decision Making – “It’s only a car!”Act 5
Leadership – Job SwapAct 5
Feedback – “I’m fired.”Act 6
Conflict – Up. Over. Down. – Act 3
Product – Roger and Carl surprisedAct 9
Process – Quotes about ProcessesAct 3
Customer – “You got it wrong”Act 6