Customer – “You got it wrong” – Act 6

The cost of cultural misunderstanding in one video and one minute.

Let’s assume that there are, indeed, fundamental differences between the American and the German approaches to the customer-supplier business relationship. And let’s assume that the difference illustrated above is one of those differences.

External Relationships
Your company has people at high levels managing the most important company-external business relationships: with your customers and with your suppliers. If the cultural differences are not understood, what effect will they have on these external business relationships?

Internal Relationships
Just as critical to your company’s overall success is the complex web of company-internal business relationships. These are the hundreds – depending on the size of the corporation, perhaps thousands – of daily interactions between teams, departments and divisions. They are collaborative in nature, involving transactions, so-called hand-offs.

What negative impact could the cultural differences have on those collaborative relationships, on their productivity? Now ask these same questions about you and your team.