St. Louis – 12/2019

On December 11, 2019 John Magee gave a keynote talk in St. Louis. It was the same talk he had given in Cologne on November 13: to a group of senior-level people – Germans and Americans – in the Strategy and Portfolio Management organization of a major German company with a very significant presence in the U.S.

The focus of his talk was on leadership. Not in the sense of the over-used buzzword, but instead about the very concrete, specific, day-to-day interaction between hierarchical levels, between team-leads and team-members. Here are the key points:

Who is John

About John Magee, an American who has lived and worked in Germany for thirty years.

What John does 

John helps Americans and Germans to: understand cultural differences, discuss their impact on collaboration, define how best to work together.

Why we should care

We need to understand cultural differences for three reasons: to get the job done, to sleep better at night (literally and figuratively), and to improve relations between countries.

Where we differ

Americans and Germans lead – and want to be led – differently. Comparing soccer to American football gives us insight into the differences.

Influence of differences 

The differences between the American and German leadership logics exert direct and constant influence on cross-Atlantic collaboration.

Work for and not against 

There are practical, pragmatic and effective ways to get the differences in the leadership logics to work for, instead of against cross-Atlantic  collaboration.