About Germans – Americans I am an American who has mastered the German language, studied their history, lived and worked in their culture for three decades. I am an historian by training, having received my B.A. from Georgetown University in Washington, DC and an M.A. from Die Freie Universität in Berlin. In Germany since 1988, I … Read more


I began writing this book in January 2009. It was completed in eighty days. It is based on my experiences supporting the post-merger integration of Westinghouse Power Corp. into Siemens, at that time the largest acquisition in the history of Siemens. The twenty characters in the story are based on real people. Americans and Germans. … Read more


auf Deutsch lesen Friday evening Otto John raises the ultimate question. Sheehan and Haupt swear each other allegiance. They meet at the City Tavern, corner of 2nd and Walnut Streets, a stone’s throw away from the Delaware River. From 1774 to 1777 the conspiratorial meeting place for the leaders of the revolution against British rule. … Read more


read in English Freitag, 13. Februar. Die beiden Geschäftsführer Jack Sheehan und Christian Haupt treffen sich mit Otto John in Philadelphia. An diesem Wochenende wollen sie sich näher abstimmen. John wird seine Vorstellungen über das Vorgehen zu Integration II. erläutern, damit endgültig entschieden werden kann, ob es zu einer Zusammenarbeit kommt. Am Nachmittag trifft Christian … Read more