San Francisco – Sales vs. Product

Context A large German multinational company. Industry, electronics and engineering. Operating globally. Germany and the U.S. are by far its largest markets. It has a division moving quickly and decisively into software. Internet of Things. Via acquisitions primarily in the United States. The key to the division’s overall success is internal collaboration between the Americans … Read more

New York City – Corporate Strategy

Context A German DAX30 Company.  With a very large presence in the U.S., it’s single largest market. A critical central functions group has a small, but key team in each country. Manfred’s team is responsible for Europe. Phil’s team for the Americas. These are the most sophisticated strategic thinkers in the company. Their cross-Atlantic collaboration is … Read more

Germany, USA – Cultural Training

Context A major German company. Chemical industry. Within it a 500-employee organization with close to one billion in revenues. The majority of the colleagues work in Germany and in the U.S. The U.S. is its single largest market. Cross-Atlantic collaboration is absolutely a key success factor. Problem The status of collaboration was ok. But just … Read more

Düsseldorf – Leadership Logics

Context A major German company. Heavy industry. The Engineering Services Division contributes a significant part of the company’s profits. A new senior-level manager. American. Working out of Germany. With four German direct reports. Problem The German reports had difficulty with the new team lead’s leadership style. “He is micromanaging us to death. We have very … Read more

Berlin – Testing vs. Engineering

Context An American Fortune25 company. Energy sector. Industrial and engineering. Acquired a German competitor. Post-merger integration is completed. They are about one year into the marriage. The most important design engineering group sits in the U.S. The most sophisticated test bed and technical staff are located in Germany. Problem The American and German colleagues are … Read more