“Us against Them”

Six videos. Nine minutes. auf Deutsch Circling the Wagons You are Americans. You are Germans. Your companies have been merged. Collaboration is key to your success. Let’s talk about loyalty. It’s a big word, a really big word. Who are you loyal to? Yes, I am asking you who are you loyal to? To your … Read more

Three-Headed Monster

Four videos. Fourteen minutes. auf Deutsch Introduction Often I hear or read about how important it is to have an enemy. Not in the sense of a person or a group to go into battle against, but instead in the sense of what is not good, what needs to be battled. When it comes to … Read more

Attributing Motives

Five videos. Thirteen minutes. auf Deutsch Introduction Attributing motives is a dangerous thing. Dangerous for those who do it. You will hurt yourself. Badly. To attribute motives means to assign motives to another person. Motives explain why a person said or did something. You all know that I take words seriously. I want to know their … Read more

Personal and Participatory

Six videos. Twelve minutes. auf Deutsch Introduction Whenever we interact with another person they are interacting with us. This sounds rather obvious. So, let’s go little deeper. When we interact with another person, we do our best to read them, to understand them, so that we know how best to react. Much of our behavior … Read more

Benefit of the Doubt

Two videos. Five minutes. auf Deutsch Definition Benefit of the doubt, what does phrase mean? Doubt is something like this: “I don’t understand why my German colleague, Manfred, is doing X. I’m not sure if it is good or bad. My sense, that it is not good. Even more, I don’t know if Manfred’s intentions are … Read more