Six Groups

One video. One minute. auf Deutsch For six groups understanding the influence of national culture on their work is critical to success: Executive management making strategic decisions. They need to make the right decisions. Senior management leading cross-Atlantic teams. They need to execute that strategy effectively. Long-term delegates building bridges between the two cultures. They … Read more

Value for Me

Time Write down how many hours per week you collaborate cross-border. Take ten hours. Increase that number by 10%. Due to cultural misunderstanding. One extra hour. Not dramatic? Multiply that one extra hour times forty-eight workweeks in a year. That’s six eight-hour days. Wasted. Unnecessary. Avoidable. What if this is the case not only for you, … Read more

Analogies Explain

One video. One minute. auf Deutsch Let’s take sports. The one team has a clear strategy. Their formation on the field is based on that strategy. Each player knows what their job is and how to do it. They communicate among themselves and with the coaching staff. And they can adjust to changing circumstances on … Read more

Failures Warn

One video. One minute. auf Deutsch We all know that most cross-border mergers underperform. We know that some of them fail in a very big way. How do we know? The press reports on these disasters. The business schools teach about them. Consulting firms claim they can prevent them. But, what’s interesting is they all … Read more

Four Questions

One video. Four and a half minutes. auf Deutsch Take a piece of printer paper. Unlined. Fold it in half. Twice. You have quadrants. Turn the paper sideways to the landscape position. Now use a pencil and an eraser. Baseline Number First, what is your baseline number? It could be a hard number: revenue, profit, … Read more

Four Questions + Numbers

One video. Seven minutes. auf Deutsch Ok, you are probably wondering why you were asked to put a number in the top-left quadrant in the exercise Four Questions. Good, let’s get a sense for the numbers when Americans and Germans do or do not understand each other. Let’s take the topic Communication. Again four questions: … Read more

Naive Belief

What does it actually mean to quantify so-called hard factors? Are the complex interactions within global companies really so simple that you can isolate specific interactions and assign numbers to them? Perhaps in discreet motion studies on an assemply line. Perhaps in the number of packages a worker can move in a warehouse. But in … Read more

M&A and PMI

One video. Two and a half minutes. auf Deutsch Your company has acquired another company. In another country. From another business culture. One of largest investments in the history of the company. There are reasons for the acquisition. Those reasons make up the business case. Business cases are translated into goals. Goals require a path … Read more

Everyone loses

Your company has acquired another company. Or another company has acquired yours. Or within your company a reorganization is taking place. It doesn’t really matter. The dynamics are the same. Colleagues will be collaborating across borders. Many of them for the first time. Now, if cross-border collaboration works, everyone wins. If it does not work, … Read more

Zero Point Zero One

One video. Four minutes. auf Deutsch Imagine this. Your company has just acquired another company. That other company happens to be in a different country. That means your company and the other company are at home in different cultures. Your company is German. The acquired company is American. Or switch it around. It doesn’t make … Read more