Hard vs. Soft Factors

One video. Five minutes. auf Deutsch We all know the difference between hard factors and soft factors. Hard factors can be observed, defined, and most importantly quantified. Soft factors, in contrast, are difficult to observe, difficult to define and difficult to quantify. Everyone likes hard factors better than soft factors. And that is quite understandable. … Read more

Wrong Thinking

Three videos. Three minutes. auf Deutsch Blind Spot Folks you won’t believe this, but it took me five years to discover my blind spot about the Germans. In fact, I didn’t even find the blind spot myself. It was pointed out to me. By a German. Until then I thought Germans were basically Americans who … Read more

Seven Thoughts

Seven videos. Seven minutes. auf Deutsch Many words for culture I’ll be honest, I am not a big fan of the term culture wishy-washy touchy-feely. I like the term national culture. It’s more robust. It’s more accurate. It’s more true. But there are many words we can use: logic, tradition, hard-wiring, dna, method, process, approach, … Read more

Corporate vs. Country

One video. Eleven minutes. auf Deutsch Folks, country culture runs deeper than company culture. Let me to make the case for this: Which came first? Literally. Which existed first, the company or the country where it was founded, where it has grown, where it currently exists? Formulated differently: which existed first the company or the … Read more

Thought Streams

To integrate is to form, to coordinate, to blend into a functioning and unified whole. Collaborating across borders means to integrate not only on the working level, but also on the thinking level. The working level is about how the work is done. Literally. Specifically. Concretely. How-the-work-is-done defines company culture. “This is how we do … Read more

Three Threes

Three videos. Three minutes. auf Deutsch Third Explanation What happens when collaboration doesn’t work? Typically we have one of two explanations. The other culture is incapable. Or the other culture is unwilling. Sometimes we say it’s both: incapable and unwilling. Seldom does it occur to anyone that it could be neither, that both sides are capable … Read more