Agree­ments are like the air we breathe. Human in­ter­ac­tion in­volves agree­ments. They are dis­cussed, en­tered into, main­tained and ful­filled. 

When col­leagues col­lab­o­rate, they enter into agree­ments. Many agree­ments. On a daily basis. Most are sim­ple and rou­tine. Oth­ers are com­plex and sit­u­a­tion-based. Some agree­ments are linked with still other agree­ments.

Ger­mans and Japanese, how­ever, han­dle agree­ments dif­fer­ently. If they don’t un­der­stand those dif­fer­ences, their agree­ments will break down. At that means serious problems.