Email Marketing

There are two target groups: Colleagues and Management. The outreach to Colleagues is via cold-emails. Mass-sent via Apple Mail. The first email is the Intro. The goal is to get opt-in. That triggers the automated sequence.

The outreach to senior-level management is via LindedIn. Request to connect. Then send an immediate follow-up which informs and gets opt-in. Receiving opt-in triggers the automated sequence.

Colleagues – Intro
Colleagues – Sequence

Management – Connect
Management – Follow-up
Management – Sequence

John To Do List

Create opt-in form and place on UC . . . done.
Add ActiveCampaign plug-in to site . . . done.
Emais: instead of text-link to video, offer screenshot or button.
Learn how MailMerge works on Apple Mail.
Learn how to set up CultureTalks with John on Zoom.