Colleagues – Sequence

Below is the sequence of emails sent to the 100k-colleagues on the working level. In the case below Americans working for Navistar, which has been acquired by Traton (100% VW-subsidiary).

Navistar is joining two other major brands within Traton: MAN and Scania. I have the same sequence in German for the MAN-folks, and in English for the Swedes at Scania. Both written slightly differently.

First Email

Subject: Working with Germans

Navistar is joining Traton.
For you this could mean change.
Suddenly working with Germans. 

This can cause a degree of anxiety. 
Because it’s unclear what to expect.
Anxiety is ok. It means being alert.

I can help you and your colleagues.
By using
Opting in permits me to make my pitch.

Second Email

Subject: Working with Germans

I’m intimately familiar with your situation.
I’ve been in it, and at it, for over two decades.
Helping two great cultures to work together.

As an author, coach, consultant, and trainer.
Serving major companies like BASF, Bayer,
Daimler, DuPont, GE, SAP, Siemens.

See this eight-minute video below..
It’s about the topic Communication. 
And a good intro to what this is all about.

Third Email

Subject: Working with Germans

Germans and Americans have so much in common.
In fact, there are far more similarities than differences.
However, the differences can be rather dangerous.

If not understood they often cause serious headaches.
You watched the video about the topic communication.
Let’s take another very important topic: Persuasion.

See below what happened to Mark and his team. 
It was very painful. Yet, it could have been avoided. 
This is a composite story. It has the title: Game Day.

Fourth Email

Subject: Working with Germans

Game Day. It did not go too well. For either side.
No one had told them about the cultural differences.
In how the two cultures – Germany, USA – persuade.

That’s the problem. We assume we think the same.
“People are people. Engineering is engineering.
We all speak English. What could be the problem?”

People aren’t people. Engineering isn’t engineering.
And persuasion isn’t persuasion. That’s the point.
See our analysis. Click on the screenshot below.

Fifth Email

Subject: Working with Germans

Companies are not paying attention to culture.
And there are reasons for this. Human reasons.
They’re just not human enough. Click on screenshot.

Let’s assume companies were to address culture.
Well, who is capable of supporting them with it?
I don’t have a positive answer for you. See below.

Navistar is being integrated into Traton.
Are cultural differences being addressed?
I suspect not. That’s why I’m reaching out.

Sixth Email

Subject: Working with Germans

You’re in the middle of post-merger integration.
Cultural differences, they need to be addressed.
Let me make the case. Click on the screenshot.

If all of this makes sense, if it is relevant to you,
then go to understand-culture and Join us !

It’s new. It’s helpful. We can thank Covid for it. 
The pandemic has pushed me to go web-based.
Which enables me to reach far more of you folks.

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