Four Questions

Take a piece of printer paper. Unlined. Fold it in half. Twice. Unfold it. You have quadrants. Turn the paper sideways. To the landscape position. Now use a pencil and an eraser. 

1. Number

First, choose a baseline number? Associated with your organization. It could be a hard number: revenue, cost, profit. Or a soft number: speed, quality, response time. In the top-left quadrant write that number. 

2. Factors

Second, what are the key success factors? In the bottom-left quadrant list no more than five factors. These are the things which your organization must do well in order to meet the baseline number. 

3. Collaboration

Third, which factors are dependent on cross-border collaboration? In the top-right quadrant list those success factors which are based on that collaboration. Then sketch out per factor and on a separate piece of paper: who is working with whom, on what, why, and most importantly how.

4. Actions

Fourth, in which areas is there room for improvement? In the bot­tom-right qua­drant write down the actions your or­ga­ni­za­tion could take in order to improve collaboration. In and between global teams. This is where I – John Otto Magee – can be helpful.

Now put some numbers to it.
Four Questions with Numbers

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