Post-merger integration is never easy. Especially in the cross-border space. Because cultures are different. In how they think. In how they work. We’ll take three steps:

Step 1

You will explain to me the rationale for the acquisition. By naming max. five reasons for the investment. These are the areas in which integration simply must succeed.

For each of those key success areas you will map out for me both people and processes. People – who will be collaborating with whom. Processes – how will they be collaborating.

This initial step is either one very long conversation or a series of conversations. I need to have a clear overview of the situation. I need to understand your situation.

Step 2

I will then interview the key people. These are the folks you mapped out under People. These are the colleagues whose collaboration will make or break integration. And integration will make or break the investment.

I’ll speak to each person at length. In one-on-one interviews. I need to understand them. Post-merger integration is a time of intense sensitivity, volatility, insecurity. They need to understand, feel comfortable with, and accept me.

Step 3

Based on my interviews I will develop a plan, a series of actions.

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