John’s Plan

Reach out to senior-level line management. In large American and German companies. Who are operating globally, including and most importantly, in the respective other market. This is UC’s sweet spot, because it’s current content addresses those two countries.

Also reach out to senior-level line management in recently merged companies. Those involving either an American and/or German company, ideally both. Again, because of UC’s current content on those two countries. In both cases, global and merged companies, John’s tool for outreach is email marketing via

John’s offering is access to UC. At 99 € per user per year. UC is a scalable business model. With three pieces: content, delivery, awareness. Content via research. Delivery via the web. Awareness via email-marketing.

John will gladly accept any and all consulting opportunities resulting from his outreach efforts as outlined above. In fact, in every conversation he will actively probe for consulting work. The immediate goal is to establish UC. Then to scale it. Services

John’s customers are UC-users. They are colleagues, in and from different cultures, collaborating in cross-border teams. Outreach to these colleagues is indirect by reaching out to their senior-level management, as stated above.

If management signs their people up to UC, and if those colleagues find UC helpful, both management and colleagues, will mention, perhaps even recommend, UC to their colleagues. There is no more effective marketing than word-of-mouth among people who trust each other.

Email marketing is an automated way of outreach. It is scalable. In addition to it, John will experiment with different ways to personally get his message out. But remember, he is not scalable. At 63 years of age John cannot be the primary mode of outreach. In this critical early stage, however, John as evangelizer is key to establishing UC. John needs to put himself out there.