Policy Workshop

Leon on Unsplash

Policy workshops involve three steps:

1 – Background Interviews

I interview your management and subject area experts. I have three goals: Understand the subject matter. Get a sense for the interactions between the colleagues. Identify the barriers to an integrated approach.

2 – Analysis & Design

I analyze the interview statements. The focus is on cultural differences influencing collaboration. I then create a workshop design: What questions we will address, in which sequence, via what kinds of exercizes, who should participate. You and I discuss the design. I modify it according to your input.

3 – Workshop Execution

I execute the workshop on the basis of the workshop design, and as discussed with you and then modified by me. In the workshop we stick to the design. I lead the participants to agreement on an integrated approach. Pre-Covid workshops had a duration of two days, with six to eight participants, and took place off-site. We will do policy workshops virtually.

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