I am both specialist and generalist:


I have gone deep into the differences between how Americans and Germans think, therefore in how they work. I support teams in the Germany-USA space personally:


I address specific questions. Causing your collaboration problems. The team formulates the questions. I prepare my responses. We discuss. The goal is to solve problems.


I work with individual teams by taking a topic-by-topic approach. The goal is to get a deeper understanding of how cultural differences influence cross-border collaboration. Topics


And I help global teams develop solutions for particularly complex problems. The approach is customized: background interviews, analysis and guided discussions. Cases

Global Teams

Specialists make the best generalists. Due to the depth and breadth of their insight into complex subject matter. I help global organizations – not just Americans and Germans – to collaborate more effectively:

Five Steps

I guide global teams through the Five Steps exercise. Using understand-culture as our platform. The key steps are Learn, Discuss, and Apply. Five Steps


I support senior-level management. They lead global teams. They know their business. I know the influence of culture on their business. I help them to achieve greater success.