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I can serve you and your organisation both as a specialist and as a generalist. Here’s how:


I have gone deep into the differences between how Americans and Germans think, therefore in how they work. I can support you as colleagues in the Germany-USA space personally. In three ways:

Topic Talks

I am available to address specific topics. The team chooses the topic. I prepare the content. You set up the call. We discuss. The goal is deeper understanding of the influence of cultural differences on collaboration.

Q+A Sessions

And I can address specific questions. Difficult ones, causing your collaboration problems. The team formulates the questions. I prepare my responses. You set up the call. We discuss. The goal is to solve problems.

Policy Workshops

I can guide global teams to solutions to particularly complex problems. By first addressing the deeper-lying cultural drivers. These are highly customized solutions, arrived at after extensive background interviews, analysis and guided discussions. Cases and Method


Specialists make the best generalists. Because of the depth and breadth of their insight into complex subject matter. I help teams within global organizations – not just Americans and Germans – to collaborate better:

Team Alignment

This is about achieving alignment. Both within teams and between teams. The focus is not only on getting clarity about roles and responsibilities. But on all key aspects of internal collaboration. We’ll take three steps. Together. Alignment

Management Coaching

I support executive-level management. Your task is complex. To lead entire sets of global teams. You know business. I know the influence of culture on business. This will be a collaboration. With one goal: to help you, and your organization, to achieve greater success.