Collaboration Survey

Brett Zeck – Unsplash

Survey: to examine a situation; to determine and delineate the form, extent, and position; to view or consider comprehensively.

Take out a piece of printer paper. Unlined. Fold it in half. Twice. You have quadrants. Turn the paper sideways to the landscape position. Now use a pencil and an eraser.

Step 1 – Target Number

First, what is your target number? It could be a hard number: revenue, profit, cost. Or a soft number: speed, quality, response time. Perhaps it is an investment or an important project. In the top-left quadrant write that number.

Step 2 – Key Success Factors

Second, what are your key success factors? In the bottom-left quadrant list no more than five factors. These are the things which your organization absolutely must do well in order to hit the target number in the top-left quadrant.

Step 3 – Collaboration

Third, which KSFs are dependent on cross-border collaboration? In the top-right quadrant list those success factors which are dependent on cross-border collaboration. Then sketch out per factor, and on a separate piece of paper, who is interacting with whom: people, teams, organizations.

Step 4 – Countries

Fourth, what countriesare involved in the interactions you identified in Step 3? Make a list. Prioritize them. Map them out. This is the goal of the survey. To identify which countries – more precisely, what interactions between which countries – determine the success of your organization.