Ackerman, Charles 

Senior Vice President – Human Resources
Robert Bosch – North America

“John Magee’s insights and approach to understanding cultural differences are invaluable for global companies. His pragmatic approach to sharing these insights and building collaboration will clearly be a game-changer for companies that need to leverage their diverse cultures.”

Bauer, Boris

Founder and CEO

“I am German and have lived and worked for the last 25 years in the U.S. When I first connected with John I was surprised to learn that he was not German. His German is flawless. He has not only learned to speak the language, but ​John has completely immersed himself into the way Germans live and work. He has developed deep insight into what makes us Germans tick. John understands the German approach to team management, decision making, consensus-building, and many other key topic areas. He knows the key differences are between ​the two cultures. If your organization works in the USA-Germany space, John Magee’s​ unique​ expertise and insights will be invaluable for the success of your collaboration.”

Bigott, Wolfgang

Managing Director
Bigott Consulting
and former SVP HR – Siemens

“I have known John Magee for many years. We worked together closely and successfully on several projects. Our focus was on Germany-US collaboration, in particular on intercultural differences. John is highly professional. He believes strongly that cross-Atlantic collaboration can improve organizational performance. John’s work is not about social romantics, but instead focused on improving the bottom-line. He is the ideal partner to help minimize cultural friction and optimize collaboration.”

Boyse, Matthew

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
U.S. Consul General, 2006-09
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

“John Magee is one of the most thoughtful observers of German and American cultural differences I have encountered in my years serving in Germany. John has developed practical insights and recommendations that improve engagement with the other culture, including for those who think they know the other side well, but who may not be as expert as they think.”

Broenner, Cornel

Executive Program Manager
Linamar Corporation

“John Magee knows what he is talking about. I have lived and worked for fifteen years in various locations around the United States, building German-American businesses, plants, and partnerships. John’s insight are spot-on. I share the long-form posts John has on LinkedIn with my American wife. Americans and Germans are dealing with the same basic challenges, whether in the business or private spheres. While it isn’t easy, one can make it work. And John Magee can help.”

Estorf, Marc

Senior HR Partner
EWE AG – Former Head of HR ITT-Bornemann

“We’ve noticed through John Magee how important and neglected is post-merger integration at the organizational and cultural levels. Especially for companies which are American-led. Thanks to his clarity and very professional support, John has shown great service to our company. John created great trust in the shortest possible time. His experience and his approach are unique.”

Forstner, Dr. Christian

CEO and Founder – CFyourAdvantage
Former Head – Business Excellence – Siemens Energy

“John Magee is truly American and German at the same time. He has turned two decades of experience in both cultures and business environments into very practical insights and value-adding recommendations for organizations on both sides of the Atlantic. John’s deep understanding is unique and I would consider his advice to be invaluable to any business that relies on US-German relations that really work.”

Foster, Lisa

Director Communications
IACLEA – Washington, DC

“John Mage has lived and work more than half his life in Germany and really understands the fine nuances of German-American working relationships and cultural differences. His articles about the two cultures and partnerships are a joy to read and spot on!”

Freeman, James

Senior Communications Manager
German-American Chamber of Commerce

John’s insightful and practical input on building positive cross cultural business relations has been extremely valuable to our organization and the many transatlantic businesses we support. He has a keen sense of what it takes to bridge the cultural divide that may challenge multinational businesses. It’s been a great pleasure collaborating with him.

Fuchs, Juergen

Senior Contract Manager
Linde Engineering North America

“John has a unique understanding and perspective of the differences and similarities in communication/ culture between the U.S. and Germany. In his classes, he dissects the subtleties of communication. John is passionate about teaching and helping individuals and companies to overcome the cultural differences and to succeed in cooperating and collaborating between Germans and Americans.”

Gorlick, Ron

Managing Partner
The Change Agent

“I have collaborated with John on numerous occasions. He is asmart, hard-working consultant and he knows his stuff well. Inaddition, he is personable and a great team player. I recommendhim whole-heartedly!”

Hamel, Ken

Senior Partner – Bridge Growth Partners
Former EVP Global Business Operations – SAP

“I worked with John in my early days at a global company andfound him to be very helpful in understanding cultural nuances. His insights helped me better navigate the complexities of multi-company operations.”

Kanthak, Werner

American Chamber of Commerce
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany 

“Finally someone has taken on the complex and critical task of ensuring that Germans and Americans understand the deeper-lying differences in their approaches. This has been in the shadows for far too long. John Magee has made accessible his expertise and insights to a wide audience beyond senior-level management.”

Karwowski, Phil

Former Vice-President – Engineering and Technology
Siemens Energy

“John Magee is passionate about improving trans-Atlantic collaboration. Through his business practice integration, management seminars and now CI, Americans and Germans of diverse skills and backgrounds learn how to cooperate more effectively. Productivity is increased markedly.”

Kordus, Michael

Manager Europe and USA
NRW.Global Business GmbH

“John Magee is passionate about improving trans-Atlanticcollaboration. Through his business practice integration,management seminars and now CI, Americans and Germans ofdiverse skills and backgrounds learn how to cooperate moreeffectively. Productivity is increased markedly.”

Krüger, Andreas

Senior Vice-President – Human Resources
Mechatronics at Rheinmetall Automotive

“Culture influences business! More than we think. Therefore, it’s key to understand each other and the different approaches of doing business in the countries. John Magee’s experiences are impressive and he has a deep understanding of both cultures. CI is a great tool to support Americans and Germans by explaining the complex influence of national cutlure on cross-border collaboration.”

Mayer, Linda

Former President & CEO
SCHOTT – North America

“John Magee has devoted his professional career to recognizing, understanding and providing practical solutions to the cultural differences between Americans and Germans in the business context. His insights are powerful in contributing to a productive work environment when dealing cross-culturally. John encourages the collaboration of professionals from both sides to address the intercultural issues in real-time.”

McQuiggan, James

Product and Solution Security Officer
Siemens Energy – Wind Service

“I had the pleasure of meeting John over ten years ago when he was teaching his Culture Influence program at Siemens. John provided insights one doesn’t find in books. He takes it a step further and adds each other’s perception. This kind of knowledge is only achieved through John’s many years spent in Germany. His program is outstanding and should be a requirement for anyone working in the USA-Germany business space.”

Muench, Uli

Former Global Vice-President
Industry Business Unit Automotive at SAP

“Having worked in and led multinational teams for most of my career, I realized early on that often the root cause of problems are different cultural frames of reference. John Magee possesses an in-depth understanding of the cultural differences between Germans and Americans. He takes a pragmatic approach to complex problems, applying an extraordinary ability to put himself in the shoes of the different players while remaining neutral. John has advised at the highest levels in both the private and the public sectors. I highly recommend his services.”

Raethel, Dr. Frank

Former Senior Consultant – Global Assignment Center
Deutsche Telekom

“CI is John Magee’s response to the question how Germans and Americans can successfully collaborate despite cultural differences. Diligent research, complex material carefully structured, didactic skill in selecting and utilizing the possibilities offered by a web-based platform, all these make CI what is: a valuable tool for Americans and Germans for whom partnership is mission-critical.”

Roberts, Matthew

State Manager WA
Dana SAC Australia

“I worked with John in my role at a global company where it was important for me to positively interact across multiple countries. His understanding of and insight to cross culture collaboration, specifically across US and German businesses, was helpful and extremely valuable in assisting my team and I to adapt and address the various cultural challenges we faced.”

Schell, Otto

CEO and Founder – Institute of Global Digital Creativity
Former Head of SAP CCoE – General Motors

“The world is on the move, sometimes not touchable, and too fast for us human beings, as technology is driving change in an exponential way. All the more important that passionate people like John foster understanding in cross-border collaboration. The importance of this only increases as we transer to a more networked environment. This simply will require trust in all of us.”

Schult, William M.

Chief Financial Officer – Abaco Systems
Former Director Controlling – Siemens Automations

“I am an American CFO with 30+ years professional experience working for a major DAX30 corporation and for private equity owned businesses globally, but particularly in the U.S. and in Germany. I am very familiar with the complexities of working in the trans-Atlantic space, especially when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. These complexities need to be understood and I know no one more knowledgeable and effective in this area as John Magee. He has an exceptionally unique background and has drilled through the thickest boards, as the Germans would say. Most importantly, John is on a mission to make sure that Americans and Germans understand each other, so that their collaboration succeeds. I am very proud to be able to highly recommend John.”

Schwartz, Eckart W.

Senior Vice-President – Global Regulatory
GSK – GlaxoSmithKline

“John is probably the most knowledgeable person I ever met in terms of observing, describing, and making sense of, cross-cultural differences. These differences have a huge impact on how successful (or how unsuccessful) transnational collaboration will be, in business as much as in politics. John’s hands-on examples are compelling, and he’s an inspired/inspiring person to deal with; a truly exceptional professional and a wonderful person.”

Schweitzer, Hans

German Armed Forces
Lieutenant Colonel – Retired

“CI is a unique, exceptionally well-researched, platform for Germans and Americans in the business or the military context. CI drills through the thickest boards, revealing often very subtle differences in thinking. CI offers an optimal combination of analysis, real-world examples, discussions and guidance. It is a must for professionals operating in the German-American space.”

von der Wense, Gero

Chief Executive Officer
ITT Bornemann GmbH

“After a challenging integration I looked back and reflected on what went wrong or could have been improved. Communication and cultural integration were the two most important topics which came into my mind. Your advice and guidance, John, were instrumental!”

Wegman, John

Managing Director – DACH Region
Iron Mountain

“Cultural issues confronting global businesses are all too often pushed to the side because they are difficult to quantify on the P&L. However, when companies get them wrong the cost is very significant. One need only look to the news. John Magee has the unique ability to identify, analyze and link cultural differences to real business problems, enabling companies to understand and solve them.”

Weiser, Ralf

VP Operations – USA
Alexanderwerk Inc.

“Working and collaborating with European and especially German headquarters can be very difficult. The business and social cultural differences can lead to very complex and even contentious situations causing frustration and distrust. John Magee is someone who can bring both sides together by explaining why and how working teams are facing these issues. He is an expert at intercultural communications and I can highly recommend his services in helping untangle your communication issues.”