We’ll take three steps together:

Step 1 – Interviews

You will provide me with an overview. Of your organization. Its key people. Where there is room for improvement. I need to understand you and your organization.

I will then interview your key people. As a neutral, outside, unbiased party. Whose mandate is not to address the substance of their work. But instead to focus exclusively on improving collaboration. In the interviews I listen for three things: where the problems are, what the atmosphere is, if deeper-lying cultural drivers are at play.

Step 2 – Analysis

In the interviews I ask the right questions, listen carefully, and take accurate notes. Then it’s all about analysis. I reserve the right to conduct follow-up interviews. Because the analysis is the basis for my recommendations. For how I can be helpful.

I then present my results to you. We will discuss them in depth. Then identify where I should begin. With an initial action. We’ll then proceed. One action at a time.

Step 3 – Actions

Actions is a generic term. Here it means things done to improve collaboration in and between global teams. Actions can take many forms: one-on-one coaching, discreet interventions, structured discussions, customized workshops.

Actions are situational. Based on context, people, problems. The pieces, however, are always the same: bring the right colleagues together, address what is key to the organization’s success, guide them to closer alignment.

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