I have been fortunate to work with some of the world’s greatest companies. Large. Medium. Small. All of them operating globally.


Established 1887. Specialty chemicals. Highly innovative. US-based. John gave talks to senior leadership. And he helped align key teams.


The world’s largest chemical company. One of the DAX30. John explained cultural differences to colleagues at three main locations in Germany and USA.


A global player. In crop science. In pharmaceuticals. In the DAX30. John gave talks to senior-level management and executed workshops.

BSH – Bosch Siemens Home Appliances

#1 in Europe. 40 factories worldwide. 15 billion Euros in revenues. 5.3% invested in R&D each year. John has given talks to senior-level management.


A major player in the automobile industry. Global. With a very strong presence in the US. John helped get differences in approaches to work for, and not against, collaboration.

Deutsche Bank

Germany’s premier bank. With a strong presence on Wall Street. John helped colleagues new to cross-Atlantic collaboration understand deeper-lying cultural differences.

DN – DieboldNixdorf

American Diebold plus German Nixdorf. It works. Especially for their customers. John helped them integrate. How they think. How the work. Complex, but doable.


Automotive. Embedded and connected software. For over 35 years. In five billion devices. In 600 million vehicles. A Continental company. John is working with their teams.

General Electric

An iconic American company. Engineering. Global. Innovative. John gave talks and executed workshops in Germany. Better collaboration within the team.

Iron Mountain

An American company. With a growing presence in Germany. John opened their eyes to differences in thought, in foundational areas, such as decision making.

Mercedes Benz

DaimlerChrysler. Remember that project? John had begung helping the two cultures to understand each other, when suddenly the marriage was broken up.


One of the world’s largest software companies. Founded by five German ex-IBMers. John helped colleagues in Germany and the United States to align their approaches.


German engineering at its best. DAX30. Operating globally since the end of the 1800s. John supported the integration of Westinghouse Power Corp. From 2000 until 2014.


Made in Germany at its best. Industrial linings. Tiles. Plant design. John gave talks to management. About the complexities or cross-border collaboration.


German heavy industry. An iconic name. DAX30. John helped the leadership team of a key organization get clarity about how best to collaborate.

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